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Our Mission

Skwanderlusters  curates and provides personalized travel experiences for the novice to experienced traveler.  Skwanderlusters’ mission is to ensure each traveler is equipped with a stress-free travel experience that fits their preference, while giving the traveler a more intimate and native perspective of the foreign land. 

Happy Tourist

Cultur.Ed Scholarship Fund

Our Cultur.Ed scholarship was created from our passion to expose people to life-changing experiences through culture-filled travel.  This passion remains true to the soul of our travel empire.

The road to our scholarship coming to life started with one of our founders simply having the heart of service to provide passports and luggage sets to whomever was in need.  From there, it evolved when both of our founders joined forces to provide hosted trips in Cuba, Egypt, Belize, and Barbados with a goal to reveal the true world of color, beauty, majesty, and community.  The lens in which a lot of Black people in the USA view the world is extremely discolored.  We want to help remove this false reality.

Now, through our scholarship foundation, we will impact the lives of our youth by eliminating a financial barrier for Black students to study abroad through a University-approved academic studies program. The world we live in is so vast, so beautiful, and more complete than anything we can study in text. Cultivating the curiosity and brilliance of Black students will lead to a future of enlightenment, motivation, and innovation.

This is Cultur.Ed 🖤

More information coming soon on how to apply!

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