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Terms & Conditions
Updated: Sept 22nd, 2021 REV 4

By accessing or utilizing SKwanderlusters’ services, you agree to be governed by these Terms.

Deposits, Fees, & Payments

  1. SKwanderlusters’ non-refundable/non-transferable service fee must be paid prior to receiving quotes for all customers.Groups expected to be more than 5 but undetermined can begin with the mid-range fee but will be assessed the additional fees upon change requests. Set service fees/deposits based off a group size are listed below:

    • 1-5 people - $50 per person

    • 6-10 people - $300 flat fee

    • 11+ people - $500 flat fee


   2. Initial deposits made after package is accepted are used to secure booking with our vendor(s) and cannot be refunded once remitted.


   3. Trip costs provided to customers are generally based on double occupancy unless otherwise noted.Please inquire about single room occupancies if desired.


    4.  Final package payments are generally due 45-60 days prior to departure based on vendor.Please refer to your provided invoice for final payment date.

  • Skwanderlusters provides multiple payment options, which include the following:

    • PayPal (

    • Zelle (

    • Cash App ($Skwanderlusters)

    • Venmo (

    • Credit Card Authorization Form (Please inquire if you’d like to use this payment method)

    • Payments made via PayPal must be sent via friends and family option to avoid fees charge by PayPal.If the friends and family option isn’t used, the fee will be included in the invoice provided to you for payment.

Change Fees

-Trip Planning Prior to Payment of Deposit

  1. Two additional itinerary changes after the first draft can be made under the non-refundable service fee. If any additional itinerary changes are needed, please refer to the following chart of fees:

  2. New Location $100 (requires a complete itinerary draft)

  3. Excursion Change $20

  4. Private Event Change $35

Travel Insurance

  1. SKwanderlusters will include the cost of insurance for countries requiring it for entry and may include it for other destinations upon request. We prefer you hold policies outside of the vendor for the optimum experience.

  2. SKwanderlusters recommends purchasing travel insurance through Allianz Global unless otherwise stated in your itinerary draft.  However, you can choose to purchase your travel insurance through a broker of your choice.

  3. Travel insurance claims will not be filed or managed by SKwanderlusters.Insurance claims will have to be filed and processed by the client directly with the insurance company they’ve purchased through.

Reward Travel

  1. We are more than happy to book your vacation using your reward travel benefits.However, if any trip cancellation occurs, you must work with your rewards company to rebook or obtain a refund for your trip.

Refunds & Trip Cancellations Policy

  1. If package is not paid in full by the final due date provided on the invoice, customer forfeits trip and trip will be cancelled.

  2. No refunds of any kind will be provided if customer cancels trip less than 60 days from the departure date of the trip.

  3. Payments are made to vendors each month.Vendor refund policies govern SKwanderlusters terms & conditions.

  4. Payment(s) made through PayPal may take up to 7 business days for refunds.


  1. When flights are included, name and other essential information MUST match your passport or ID when provided to SKwanderlusters.Any post-booking changes requested by the customer will result in a $50 change fee per person + any incurred airline fees.

  2. Flight upgrades not part of the initial request will result in a $50 change fee per person + the cost of the upgrade on the flight.

  3. RT transportation to and from the airport are generally included unless otherwise noted.

Vacation Support

  1. SKwanderlusters will provide a WhatsApp support chat while customers are on international travel.


  1. SKwanderlusters, LLC is not liable for any injuries or losses incurred during your vacation.


  1. For COVID terms and conditions, SKwanderlusters packages will refer to individual vendor terms.

  2. SKwanderlusters will provide departing and returning COVID regulations within the draft itinerary and the final travel documents.

  3. It is the responsibility of the client to include travel insurance that includes COVID protection.This is HIGHLY recommended.

  4. While we have traveled and continue to book travel for our clients during COVID, it is an assumed personal risk.

Terms & Conditions

  1. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms at any time.

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